Dear Doctor

Last weekend, I was fortunate to attend the annual PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Program) meeting and went to my first board meeting as a newly elected board member at large.  We are working to find ways to reach physicians (and everyone else, of course) to help us achieve real healthcare reform in the US, an improved, expanded Medicare for All.

A few years ago, I was frustrated with our current system but didn’t know PNHP existed.  Perhaps there are other doctors out there who would be willing to become an active part of our movement?  We need doctors for the 99%!

You can help.  Please send a letter to your doctor.  You can use the letter below as it is or personalize it.  If you aren’t comfortable signing your name, it is ok to leave it as “Your Patient” but please use your doctor’s name in the salutation.  Share this post with everyone you can think of, on all your social media sites.  I would be thrilled if I happened to get a letter like this from a patient!

 Dear Doctor,

I am grateful for your help keeping me healthy over the years and value our relationship.  You may already be a member of Physicians for a National Health Program—if so, I hope you will continue to give your support.  If you have not joined yet, I want to give you a few reasons to do it.

Healthcare in the US is becoming more and more expensive.  Too many of us (50 million) don’t have any insurance at all.  This won’t be fixed by the current law, which plans to leave at least 25 million uninsured.  The rest of us are paying increasingly high prices for insurance that covers less and less of our care.  Then we all pay the bill for the consequences—foreclosures causing our property values to go down, bankruptcies damaging our economy, and poorer health and longevity than people in other developed countries.

How often in a week do you feel frustrated when you want to prescribe a medication or do a test on a patient but can’t because of insurance?  What about when you want to refer a patient to a particular specialist but can’t because of insurance panels?  How much does it cost your practice to bill multiple insurers, all with different rules?  Are you tired of arguing with insurers and losing? Do you worry that we, your patients, are not getting the care we should?

There is a better way to finance our healthcare.  We could take it out of the hands of greedy private insurers and put it back in the hands of doctors and patients.  By using a simple payroll tax, less than the rate of most private insurance plans, we could fund the medical care of everyone in our country.  We would no longer need to waste a third of our health dollars on a combination of insurance profit, overhead and associated administrative expenses.

I realize you may have been frustrated dealing with Medicare and/or Medicaid in its current form.  With an improved, expanded Medicare for All, we have a chance to remove the unnecessary flaws of our current system.  Because we all would be covered, we would all have a reason to insist on a well-designed and well-run plan.

I promise that as a voter and taxpayer, I will speak up to be sure you, my doctor, are treated fairly.  Please use your voice to speak up on behalf of me, your patient.  Join PNHP at and help us accomplish true healthcare reform in our country.


Your Patient



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