Medicaid and Media in the Alabama Primary: It’s Up to You

Several days ago, I told you about a false choice in the Alabama Primary—Fake Medicaid with Griffith vs No/Fake/Who Knows Medicaid with Bentley. Shortly afterwards, Kevin Bass released a statement to the press outlining his plan for Real Medicaid, with a copy to me in response to my query, and I passed it on to you. Among the corporate news outlets, I can find only ONE reporter who bothered to follow up, at the Tuscaloosa News. Google “Kevin Bass Medicaid” for the past week, and the first two links are his own, followed by the Tuscaloosa piece, and then my blog, and then… crickets.

Stacy Lee George has responded to me as well:  he said, in writing, “Yes, you can quote that I am in favor of Medicaid expansion, not the private option.” Real Medicaid, not Fake. He is opposing Bentley in the Republican primary.

Google “Stacy Lee George Medicaid” for all time, and the first link is his Facebook page followed by my blog. I don’t see a single corporate news article with any specifics about his plan. Yes, I know Google gives different rankings of results for different users. I wasn’t logged in when I searched, and I got a friend to repeat it under her account—same top results. If you get something different, please tell me.

Dr. Jennifer Marsden, who is running in November for State House District 93, took time to comment on my blog, “I support Medicaid Expansion without tricks or gimmicks and asked the Governor to expand it in person last year (he said no). “ I found only two articles mentioning her Medicaid thoughts in any detail—here’s the other. Neither asked how she would structure the program.

Now, I know I’m not a professional reporter.  I’ve never been paid for a blog piece and that’s fine with me. I sometimes go weeks or months without posting, when my work/ family schedule gets hectic. My cross-posts on Left in Alabama do reach a wide audience, however, and my regular blog gets followed by several professional reporters in the state. The first piece on Fake Medicaid got posted on New American Journal, a non-corporate national news site. The information was available for reporters who wanted to find it or who even did a simple Google search.

Even if I had not written about Fake Medicaid, what does this tell you about our corporate media and their role in elections and your policy choices? If you were a reporter, would you have perhaps at least asked other candidates to compare their plans to Griffith’s after he unveiled his specifics? Would you have taken time to educate yourself on the different Medicaid structures and their implications?

If you want others in the state who follow only corporate (fake?) news to know about our Medicaid choices before the primary, it is up to you to spread the word. To exercise choices, we must be aware choices exist. Will you be the media? And will you financially support non-corporate sources like LIA and New American Journal?



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5 responses to “Medicaid and Media in the Alabama Primary: It’s Up to You

  1. Pipa, I have been following your for about two years. I repost on my Facebook site, then repost on several other FB groups [including Blue Dots [Alabama] and Marshall and other near by Counties Democratic Pages. I am fairly new to Alabama [4 years] and quite appalled at the State. I lived in Atlanta 20 years ago, and its hard to believe that conditions have regressed from “Bad” to just plain “just crazy bad.” Your thoughts when you post, keep me hoping for a better way out of this ‘swamp’ we live in. Keep IT UP!!

  2. CS Murphy

    We are not politically allied, but I am pleased to finally find some discussion on this topic. After reading the Medicaid Reform bill, my take is that it is a model for socialized medicine, changing Medicaid from payer to provider. It is a public-private partnership and any profit for the private entities will be taken from public money that would have been used to pay for care. If costs to collaborators exceed the public money given them, they take the loss or services will have to be rationed to allow for profit as the bill restricts the collaborators to Medicaid only. Anyone who has worked in the VA system knows the perils of paying a provider to do nothing. My impression is that Valerie Jarrett was dancing in the street to see Alabama fall right into her hands voluntarily under Republicans that told us they were conservative. Alabama clearly voted against the ACA mandate, a lead in to single-payer, and our own legislature turned around and gave us this. Similar models are found in other states where I believe they are being tested as pilots for single-payer when the ACA falls apart. I think we agree on only one thing……this is bad for patients.
    CS Murphy MD FACS retired

  3. judith bieber

    we need expansion of the Medicaid waiver program to service those adults in dale county to be able to attend day programs at Vivian b adams school for the developmentally disabled – so many on the long, long waiting list – HELP!!!!!!!

  4. judith bieber

    shame, shame – adults with downs syndrome, mental retardation, etcetera sitting at home with no socialization, mental stimulation, activities to engage themselves in, – more Medicaid waiver monies to resolve this problem – free up monies for schools such as Vivian b adams in dale co. These individuals are another group of wounded warriors (non-military). They and their family members are waging their own wars at home, and in the community as well!! HELP!

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